DHX Is a Purpose Driven Organization Guided by the Following Principles…


Our cutting-edge team is armed with the latest thinking and insights in creating valued digital health experiences that promote well-being and improve overall health status.


With a wealth and diversity of digital health experience, we can confidently and effectively communicate the latest and most advanced thinking in the development and deployment of digital health strategies and solutions.


No magic, no black boxes, just a dedicated team whose mission is to effectively help bring digital technologies into the market and community in order to improve health outcomes and overall well-being.

“Digital Health is a strategic and
transformative business imperative”

– David Vinson

DHX is a non-profit organization whose sole mission is to accelerate the development, implementation, and adoption of sustainable digital health innovations. We bring together transformation champions from both the academic and commercial worlds who are prepared to drive organization and market demand. Our unique consortium of hand-picked digital health innovators and centers of digital health excellence allows us to create the right environment and energy so that communities and organizations are fully leveraging and benefiting from the advantages of digital technology.

Under the direction and leadership of David Vinson, an experienced and passionate pioneer in digital health innovation, the DHX team, an eclectic collection of digital thought leaders and doers, digital experience design experts, health behavior change scientists, business executives, academics, and practical cutting-edge thinkers and researchers in the field, all see digital health innovation as a fundamental cornerstone for the future of healthcare.