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  • David Vinson
    David Vinson Founder and Chairman

    David is a well-respected transformational digital health strategist who provides passionate insights and innovative digital health solutions. David has over 25 years of experience within the healthcare, telecommunications and travel sectors, where he held executive level positions, including Senior Vice President of the Payer Division at WebMD; Founder, President & CEO at Optate (acquired by WebMD); Co-Founder and Vice President at HealthMedia (acquired by Johnson & Johnson); Director at Blue Cross Blue Shield Michigan, and Senior Vice President at the University of Michigan Health System – MCARE; and Regional Director at ALLNET Communications.

    In addition to being Founder & Chairman of DHX Group, Inc., David is also currently the Founder and CEO of SocialWellth, a leader in digital health technology that enables payers and care providers to prescribe certified digital health assets to patients at relevant touch points in their health journey, and in turn, receive actionable data to improve patient engagement.

  • Dave Crosbee
    Dave Crosbee Managing Director

    Dave has over thirty plus years of business experience in the healthcare sector. During those years he has held high-level  marketing positions for some of the larger pharmaceutical manufacturers in the US. His work has also included providing marketing and promotional consulting services to a number of well-known prescription and over the counter products, with a concentration on customer retention strategy, long term market visioning and the development of a number of well-regarded direct to consumer advertising campaigns.  Dave was one of the original founders and Vice President at HealthMedia, a company later acquired by Johnson & Johnson.